Who We Are

By way of introduction, we thought we’d tell you what we’re about and what where we see the club going. This is who we are.

“The Digital Media Club (DMC) will be the first of its kind at St. Bonaventure. Social media masterminds, digital gurus and clever content creators will unite for the sake of this blossoming organization. DMC wants you, a digital native. The club will help students participate in social media in ways they may not have encountered before. Have you ever poured your heart out into a blog post? Have you ever attended an event and allowed followers to be a fly on the wall? Have you ever shot and edited a video? Now is your chance. DMC guarantees a digital experience that will not only strengthen your online portfolio, but your online presence. Digital media evolves each and everyday. It’s time to plug into the future.”

President, Jillian Hammell

“Digital media isn’t just a way to keep yourself entertained when you have a few minutes to yourself. Digital media isn’t just re-tweeting your favorite celebrities and liking your best friend’s posts. Digital media isn’t just watching YouTube videos for three hours straight. Digital media is communication. Digital media is networking. Digital media is marketing. Digital media is business. The purpose of this club is to show you how digital media affects how we interact, integrate and live. Technology evolves every day. Social media is always moving forward. The digital world isn’t slowly approaching. It’s here. And it’s waiting for us to be a part of it. So create your online presence. Find your tribe. Now’s the time to plug into the future.”

-Blog Director, Andrew Bevevino

“The Bona Wire will bring awareness to the innovative intuitive use of social networks beyond just writing friends and liking pictures. Through the use of blogging, video, and email Bona Wire plans to help students learn how to network and use social media as a tool to develop personal portfolios

-Tristan King, Brand Marketing Director

“I’m hoping that our Digital Media Club will be a place for students to express their interests and ideas through digital media. Our generation, as well as generation z, is learning how to use technology at a very early age. Every day we are finding new things to do with digital media. Our club will allow students to be innovative and creative. It is our job to further technology and to find new ways of using digital media that can further out knowledge and power.”

-Social Media Director, Sammi Arena

This is us. The St. Bonaventure Digital Media Club. We’re here to be a part of the ever advancing digital world. The time is now. Plug into the future.


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