Snapchat: Playful to Professional

Snap a cool selfie or take a quick pic of the concert you’re at. These things were common before, but the emergence of Snapchat – an app with which users can send edited photos or videos to friends – has magnified their occurrence by millions.

However, professionals are using this playful app to their advantage. The once social snap shot application is now being used by various brands to connect with their audiences.

Businesses are using Snapchat to give audiences a glimpse of their products with a creative twist. Take Taco Bell for example. The fast food chain joined Snapchat in April of 2013, using the app to showcase its food. As you can see, the drawing capabilities of Snapchat allowed Taco Bell to present its food in a fun, novel way.


Similarly, McDonald’s is using Snapchat to attract people to its restaurants. However, they went as far as recruiting professional athletes LeBron James, Richard Sherman, and Johnny Manziel to appear in a 36 second Snapchat story clip. Also, like Taco Bell, the home of the Big Mac uses the snap app to preview its cuisine.


Snapchat is also being used to offer individuals exclusive deals. The web retailer Karmaloop sends its Snapchat followers pictures with information about sales and offers. Also, the tech-savvy company sends behind-the-scenes shots via Snapchat, giving their customers a personal look at Karmaloop and the products they produce.


Even some professional sports teams are getting in on Snapchat. The New Orleans Saints recently created an account, aiming to show fans a sneak peek of the team’s activities. The Saints also use the app to showcase new and upcoming merchandise.


Snapchat is taking marketing to a completely new level. With Snapchat, people can feel like they have a more intimate, in-depth understanding of the product they’re buying. Developing a personal relationship with a customer or audience base is crucial in conducting long-term, effective business. With the simple touch of a touch screen, Snapchat gives you the ability to make that connection.

Social media is no longer strictly social. Professionals are crafting new ways to use these outlets to spread the workd about their brand. So whether it’s selling fast food or showcasing your sports team, Snapchat is an inventive marketing tool that digital natives will appreciate.

Wondering where I got all this nifty info? Well you can see where. Right there. Below these words.

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