What does social media say about you?

It says that I’m a Bonnie. I have about 100+ followers on twitter that can attest to that title as well.

A part of Bonas is currently in Brooklyn for the A10’s championship at Barclay Center. To all of the devout fans residing in NYC, I envy you. If someone would like to personally send a getaway car for me en route to the big apple, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Yet, I am at the home front with the rest of the Wolf Pack. Everyone is excited, ahem, PUMPED AND FILLED WITH JUBILATION that our Bonnies’ beat La Salle, 82-72. How do I know that the whole school was stoked? Simple. At approximately 2 p.m. on this chilly Thursday, my twitter feed was on fire (excuse the temperature joke, I thought it’d be a hit). Tweet after tweet, I was reminded of the victory. Even prior to the win, I refreshed my news feed to get the latest updates during the game.

When you commit to St. Bonaventure, remember that you are committing to one of the most intense and familial places around. We do not joke when it comes to our Bona pride. After today’s domination, #Bonnies, #GoBonas and #NoSleepTillVictoryinBrooklyn flooded my feed. A specific hashtag made its way into the twittersphere that still sends chills down my spine–#PlayForBrian. The hashtag surfaced last week when news of the tragedy hit campus. The Bonnies’ Women’s Basketball team dedicated their game to Brian Moretti. Brian served as the assistant Sports Director and passed away suddenly last week. We, the Bonnies’, expressed our sorrow and utmost respect for Brian. Through social media, people from all over can learn about Brian and his impact on the individuals at Bonaventure. Also, virtual bystanders can recognize how tight this university is and will remain.

As aforementioned, I observed the live tweets and I may or may not have been watching the game from another student’s laptop in class, who happened to be sitting at a perfect angle (thank you, kind stranger). And yes, I documented that exact situation on twitter. As an eloquent intellectual once said, “you gotta do what you gotta do.” I did it all for the sake of watching my Bonnies’ take over the court.

We take on St. Louis University tomorrow at 12 p.m. Myself, as well as the rest of Bonaventure, will be cheering on our boys in brown (unless they decide to wear white tomorrow). My phone will be fully charged to watch the madness unfold on my many social media outlets. Unleash your hashtags, everyone. It’s time to show everyone who we are and what we’re about.

Jillian Hammell, DMC President


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