Your Digital Guide to March Madness

It’s here. March Madness. The time of the year when bracket busters bring tears and Dick Vitale’s voice is constantly turned up to ten. It doesn’t get much better.

But, if you’re living the jet-set life style, you might miss some of the action. You may not see all the scores or get all the updates. So, what can you do to catch up on the madness?

We’ve got your answer.

There are plenty of apps and digital resources that will let you catch all the excitement this March. So get out your smart phone or open up your laptop. Here’s your digital guide to March Madness.

NCAA March Madness Live website. madness Looking for an all access guide to the tournament? All you have to do is type into your browser bar. This website will show you live games, game schedules, bracket updates, and NCAA news. If you have access to a laptop, this resource is the place to go.

NCAA March Madness Live app.ncaa-march-madness-liveapp Don’t have access to a computer? Don’t worry about it. You can download the NCAA March Madness app on your smart phone or smart device. All the same benefits from the website are available on the application. Live games, timely updates, and important news all in the palm of your hand. Cost: Free

Sporting News: NCAA Basketball app.snncca The Sporting News app gives fans portable access to NCAA Basketball news, scores, and updates. You can even keep tabs on your favorite teams. Push-notifications allow for quick updates on recent events. The app also lets you share news and information with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Cost: Free

College Basketball Radio and Live If you want to listen to the action on your smart phone or smart device, this app is great. You can tune in to your favorite teams by simply touching their names. You can also view live scoring updates. The Basketball Radio app is the one to have if you’re looking to hear the madness as it unfolds. Cost: $0.99

ESPN SportsCenter app. espn This app is a must have for all sports fans. Video highlights and breaking news updates let you plug directly into March Madness. You can select your favorite sports and favorite sports teams to keep tabs on everything that’s important to you. Also, the app integrates with Twitter, allowing for an increased social dimension to your sports experience. Cost: Free

WatchESPN The WatchESPN app lets you tune in to the action as it plays out. You can watch games whenever and wherever you want. Multiple ESPN channels stream live to the app, so if you’re looking for total connection, the WatchESPN app is for you. Cost: Free

Yahoo Sports Quick scores, news, and stats are available through the Yahoo Sports app. Designed for speed, you can receive up-to-date info on your favorite teams and players in a flash. You can even customize your alerts to get reminders about all the important games and teams. New to this app is the ability to track your brackets as the games play out. Cost: Free

Yahoo Sports website.ysports If you’re looking for March Madness updates on your computer, check out the Yahoo Sports website. All scores are updated at the top of the website so you don’t miss any big news. Yahoo will also provide you with game predictions so you can have an insider look at how the bracket-gurus think the action will play out. Type to receive tournament news and updates.

Team Stream stream Produced by the sports news masters at Bleacher Report, this app lets you get all the scores and updates from your favorite teams in the tournament. Real-time streams provide fast updates on important news. Customized notifications keep you informed on all the things you don’t want to miss. A social media sharing option also lets you share news with friends. Cost: Free

Bleacher Report website.Bleacher-report-logo Bleacher Report has become one of the top news sources for all things sports. With inside stories, updates and breaking news, it’s no wonder that sports fans have been going to the site to get their information. Displaying tournament scores and updates and providing expert advice on your bracket, is an awesome site to visit.

There you have it. A digital guide to March Madness. We hope that you’ll utilize one or a few of these resources to keep yourself in the tournament loop.

Know of any other resources? Have a favorite sports news app or website that we didn’t list? We’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below with your favorite resources to stay current on all things March Madness.


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