Top 5 Fashion Instagram Accounts

written by Laura Camera

Every season something new is in-style. Last summer it was crop-tops; this winter it was chunky sweaters. Whether it’s a new label or a new article of clothing, it’s important we keep our closets up to date.

Celebrities, models, and fashion lines do a great job advertising their favorite fashion tips on social media.  If you’re looking to stay on top of your fashion game this spring, these five Instagram accounts are great places to start.


  1. Camille Charrière (@camtyox)


Camille Charrière is a half-French, half-British fashion journalist living in London who posts her personal styles on Instagram. This account is great because not only do you get the fashion tips, but also you see pictures of her daily life. Just yesterday she posted a picture of a delicious brownie desert she was eating in a cafe. Scrolling through her pictures, you can tell she loves shoes. Also, she promotes her twitter and blog via Instagram. Her blog is called Camille Over the Rainbow.


2. Dannijo (@dannijo)


Spring and summer are the best times of year to break out the accessories. But, we all know that too much jewelry can make your outfit go from classy to tacky. Dannijo posts pictures of every bracelet, ring, and necklace combination you can think of. If you’re looking for tips, I suggest you go here. Also, I like this account because there’s a link right to their website.


3. Tibi (@tibipr)


Tibi is a great account because what fashionista doesn’t love New York City? Just like Dannijo, Tibi uses Instagram to promote their website. This account has almost 2,000 pictures of every hot fashion in NYC. One picture says blue is the hot color for spring this year, so make sure you all keep your eyes peeled in the stores! You don’t need to be a runway model to wear these clothing items.


4. Billy Farrell Agency (@bfa_nyc)


Billy Farrell Agency is also in New York City. While posting new fashion, this account also focuses on the celebrities/models. If you want to know what Kristin Bell was doing this week, she was modeling for American Express with the Billy Farrell Agency. This account is a must-follow because it keeps you updated on what the top icons are doing and wearing. Personally, this is one of my favorites.


5. ASOS (@asos)


Last but not least, the ASOS Instgram account. I suggest this account to see how to mix and match styles and colors to get cute, original outfits. To show viewers full outfits, ASOS uses Pic Stitch. They show the shirt, pant, shoes and jewelry to look just like the celebrities. They also post fun pictures to keep you excited for the spring!


If you’re looking to be on the cutting edge of fashion, make sure to check out these Instagram accounts.

Have any other favorite fashion Instagram accounts? We’d love to hear what they are. Leave your favorite places to search for fashion tips in the comment box below.



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