Avoid Social Disasters with Social Media

 written by Maddie Faircloth

Have any not-so-fun run-ins with someone you didn’t really want to see? Wish you could avoid them?  A few app-developing companies have found a solution to this exceptionally awkward problem.

The Cloak app is your new best friend when it comes to avoiding people. Available for iOS and completely free, Cloak tracks your followers on Instagram as well as Foursquare and determines their location based off of where they last checked-in or posted from.

The Split app takes things a bit further by using almost all social networks. Free for both iOS and Android phones, Split connects with both Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. Like Cloak, Split collects information from photos, statuses, or just a simple check-in. All this information is already public to you, but these nifty apps organize it all into one place.

Sound a little too stalker-like for you? It’s not any creepier than someone posting 20+ times a day with their location tagged. These apps are simply taking advantage of that. Just like any other social media, you have the choice of whether or not to reveal your location through your posts. Don’t want Cloak and Split to see your every move? Simply adjust your settings or maybe don’t share as much.

Companies have found a new way to adapt to the ever-changing technologically advanced world around us. Like all other new technology, we should accept and utilize it while we can. Who knows when you’ll need to take a quick detour in order to avoid your boss on a day you called in “sick?”



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