Preview for the Oct. 31 online-only edition of The Bona Venture

Dr. Ibrahim Zabad, assistant professor of political science, and Dr. Mary Rose Kubal, associate professor of political science, will speak on America’s possible response options to the emergence of terrorist group ISIS in the Middle East. The program will take place Wednesday at 7 p.m. Assistant news editor Julia Mericle will be there to cover the event.

Opinion contributing writer Ashley-Kate McCann will pen a piece in favor of abortion rights. Some have suggested that abortion rights could be in jeopardy if republicans take a majority in senate and congress this upcoming election day. McCann will argue against this type of action. Additionally, features assignment editor Andrea Fernandes will look into the Hickey Dining Hall’s policy on leftover food.

Features contributing writer Carrie Penepent will review SBU theater’s play “Dancing at Lughnasa”. The play ran in the Quick Center from Wednesday through Saturday and detailed the story of a boy born out of wedlock in Ireland in the 1930’s.

Sports editor Zach Waltz will reveal Part II of his NBA season previews. This week’s “Extra Point” will focus on the Western Conference – the stronger of the two coasts in the NBA. In Part I, Waltz claimed the Eastern Conference is stronger than many fans think. However, the West is still king.

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