Guide for the Nov. 7 edition of The Bona Venture

Contributing features writer Luis Rodriguez covered the formation of the new club basketball team. The team, started by sophomore Amir Dastoori, will play other club teams in the North Atlantic Conference.

Any student can try out for the team as long as their GPA is 2.0 or higher. However, the maximum number of players on the team is 12.

The team’s first game is Jan. 24 against Niagara University. Link:

Sports editor Zach Waltz previewed the upcoming women’s rugby game against University of New England.

The game, held in New Hampshire, serves as a regional playoff game. If the team claims victorious Saturday, they’ll move on to the Northeast Regional Finals against either Sacred Heart University or Franklin Pierce College. The winner of that game will move onto the Division III National Championship.

The team won the New York State Championship for Division III last week with a 45-5 thumping of the University of Rochester.

This all comes after a winless 2013 season. Link:

News staff writer Rachel Konieczny covered the panel discussion of women’s career paths and obstacles. Dr. Alva Cellini, director of the women’s studies program at St. Bonaventure, coordinated the event, which included local females in positions of power. The object of the panel was to give attendees a deeper understanding of the differences in the way men and women are perceived in the workplace. Link:

Features assignment editor Andrea Fernandes penned an opinion piece, stating her belief that the Hickey Dining Hall’s policy on leftover food is wrong. Dining hall workers, who are employees of Aramark, are required to throw away leftover food at the end of the day, per Aramark policy.

Fernandes believes that Aramark and St. Bonaventure should work together to donate the food to local people in need. Link:

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