Preview for the Oct. 24 issue of The Bona Venture

News editor Hannah Gordon will follow up on an Oct. 2 story titled “Report reveals increase in sexual assault on campus.” The story noted that the number of reported forcible sexual offenses on the St. Bonaventure campus increased from one in 2012 to four in 2013. There was also one case of dating violence and one case of stalking reported in 2013.

In her follow up, Gordon will discuss a presentation on campus that focused on consent. She will also touch on the emPower Program, a series of events that will occur on campus to educate students on sexual assault and Title IX. Additionally, she’ll talk to St. Bonaventure safety and security director Vito Czyz and inquire as to where discussions with local police on sexual assault have gone, if anywhere.

Features assignment editor Andrea Fernandes will preview the upcoming hip hop show. The show, which will be Halloween-themed, will take place in the Quick Center Oct. 28 and 29 at 7 p.m. Fernandes will interview team leader Jacqueline Gertner and team member Denise Muyibl to get a better idea of what those who plan to attend can expect to see.

In the opinion section, student government association president Alex Noguerola will write a thank you to an anonymous donor. The donor’s money will be dispersed among various clubs on campus, which have struggled due to funding cuts this year. Assistant sports editor Pat Tintle will contribute a piece on his belief that St. Bonaventure students should show more respect toward school property.


SGA Meeting Summary

This week at the SGA meeting we talked about a few things. The first order of business was Hickey improvements. We encourage students to attend the Dining Services Committee meetings that Aramark puts on. At these meetings they listen to student concerns and really try to make a change. The second order of business was Clare College. Some good discussion was brought up about Inquiry to the Natural World. Specifically, is it actually effective? Is it actually fulfilling its goal. The final important point of the meeting was about the Bona Bus. There was talk about alternative programs for when the bus breaks down or something happens.

If you would like to voice your concerns on campus, please feel free to come to the SGA meetings. The meetings are held in the Doyle Trustees room on every other Wednesday. If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact